The First Irregular Shaunie Awards For Search Terms

There is, you see, a peculiar tool named “Google Analytics” that allows up-and-coming internet magnates like myself to view various details about traffic to our websites. How often people visit, where their computers are located, and so forth.

Most relevantly and entertainingly, each time a reader arrives at, I receive a log of the search terms that led them here. Now, how or why these search terms got them to this page I often have no idea. Frankly, why anyone would ever search for some of these things, I also have no idea.

Regardless, in celebration of a year of Shaun, and to reward you readers as well as, I suppose, accidental visitors to this page for your… “creativity” in your use of Google and Bing (but who am I kidding… pretty much just Google), I now present you with the coveted “Shaunie” Awards. Below, you will discover each category, followed by several nominees, and that category’s winners. Congratualations, recipients, you’ve earned this!

Most Delicious Search Term
chocolate syrup lesbians
fuck joan for lunch in car
gooey cheese vagina
mila kunis fiting her whole fist in her mouth
plumbers sausage in pussy
shaunish pastie
Winner: sexy woman covered in nutella paste

Most Educational Search Term
dos & don’t of eating wife’s pussy
guide to pussies
plumber dildo faq
self fucking guide of pussy
Winner: guide how to have a gaping vagina

Most Historically Minded Search Term
pussies of note
what does “three butts” mean in history
who the fuck invented hot pockets
Winner: aesthetics was not of great importance back then; the female emcees of this era wanted to let people know that they could flaunt their beauty in a respectful way, and not base it off of lust.

Least Arousing Pornographic Search Term
big fat women in big undie pics
child smooth pussy
fehl my sexy breast
often used pussy
plumbing the depths of mom’s vagina
Winner: elderly peculiar pussy

The “Good Luck” Award for a Search Term Entered by Someone Who Needs It
bull head clapper penis picture
can i stay in a hospital waiting room?
ferocious pussy whip
i’d like to port natalie portman
i had a shitty wedding
Winner: inserting dangerous things into puzzy and fuck

Most Fashionable Search Term
adult gi joe underwear
men hairy ufc naked
miley cyrus muff
minx underwear
pope has mad hats
women admit to shaving their pussy
Winner: foreskin represented by popes’ hat

The Columbus Award for Exploratory Search Term
depth test vagina fuck
in the depths of the pussy
whats does a la france jaunty parlay voo mean
testing pussy depth
Winner: the bermuda vagina

Best Pornographic Search by an English-Language Learner
dissolution of underwear
intonation pussy fucking
this thing is used to pry it open a woman’s pussy
seducing her inlaid chest implants
which part of pussy they can take a lot enjoy
Winner: what is depth of pussy how long dick pussy can get under it

The “Stay Away” Award for Reader Most Unhealthily Fixated on Shaun
adult page “shaunshaun”
shaun and a very fat wife
shaun fucks unknown female
shaun`s pussy
Winner: and taking off her clothes shaun of your vagina up close

Search Term Most Hateful Toward John Cusack
celebrities are assholes john cusack
i hate john cusak
i fucking hate john cusak
john cusack hate him
john cusak hate
Winner: john cusack where is my fucking face

Search Term Most Likely to Have Been Entered by John Cusack
joan cusack sexy
john cusack, chest
how to get an autograph for john cusack
Winner: john cusack why people hate him

The Most Popular Search Term Resulting in a Visit To
Winner: i hate john cusack (9 searches, exact wording)

And last, the coveted :Spirit of Shaun® Award for Search Term Best Capturing the Spirit of
Winner: i can’t help my superior intellect is wasted upon the masses. it over flows with levels of win that cannot be comprehended with the force of one thousand suns.